This drink is so fresh and good. It is the perfect light summer drink for sipping on the patio or enjoying while you make dinner. The mint changes the wine only enough to soften it which is nice! Once you 'smush' the blackberries a bit their sweet woody flavor is like a mauve perfume to the wine. This cocktail is just delicious!

"For an extra oomph and to make it more "julep-y" feel free to add a splash of your favorite whiskey."

Notes: Wine is Sauvignon Blanc.


Ingredients: 6 mint leaves, 6 blackberries, 2 tsp. honey syrup, 6 oz. dry white wine

Makes 1

1. Chill a wine glass and your wine for 30 minutes.

2. Drop the mint leaves into the bottom of your glass and muddle gently.

3. Drop in the blackberries, muddles until they start to break apart.

4. Add honey syrup and stir.

5. Pour over wine, stir.

Tip: Honey syrup is made with equal parts honey and water. It is a little less cloying and more caramelized in flavor than standard sugar syrup.

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