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I am calling this a beauty bowl because, dang, is she pretty! You eat with your eyes first. Then Smell second, taste buds third. This bowl smells like a quiet tropical breeze, fruity, coconut-y, and creamy. And look at those sunset orbs-gooseberries are in season right now, so snap them up. They are textured a like a firm mini tomato that tastes like a smug tri-marriage between a grape, a lemon, and an apricot. Don't miss out!

"Orange slices would be a lovely replacement for gooseberries if you cannot find them."

Notes: Coconut is unsweetened.


Ingredients: 1/2 cup frozen banana, 1/2 cup fresh mango, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 tbsp. almond milk, 1/2 Tbsp. honey, 1/3 cup sliced gooseberries, 1 Tbsp. shredded coconut, 1 Tbsp. shaved almonds, 1 tsp. chia seeds, 1 Tbsp. golden raisins.

Makes 1 large bowl or 2 small

1. Place a bowl in the freezer. Process or blend the banana, mango, yogurt, honey, and almond milk until almost smooth.

2. Pour the mango mixture into the chilled bowl. Decorate with gooseberries, coconut, almonds, chia seeds, and raisins.

Tip: This would be wonderful for brunch, serve the mango smoothie in chilled bowls, then let others decorate with the toppings.

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I have never had gooseberries but when I looked them up they were all stripey. Where do you get yours? They look suspiciously exactly like my ground cherries. I only just learned about ground cherries a couple of years ago. I am loving growing new things. The darn squirrels love them too!

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