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Have Your Cake And Eat It

Have Your Cake And Eat It recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth while you maintain your reduced gluten or gluten free lifestyle! The recipes are easy to follow, efficient and delicious. (Kick-Ass!)

  • 25 simple recipes with easy to follow steps (12 gluten-lite + 13 gluten-free)

  • Full-color pictures for every recipe

  • Alternative flours lesson: nutritional information, where to buy and how to store

  • Instant Ebook Download

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Can you relate to any of these statements?

 I would like to try some new dessert recipes that don't leave me feeling sluggish after eating!

I love desserts! I am reducing gluten for the first time.

I don't eat much gluten but definitely need some fresh ideas!

I honestly don't care if gluten is or isn't in a recipe- but I adore baked goods and love to bake.

I've written Have Your Cake And Eat It eBook with you in mind. Grab your copy at the introductory price of just 15.95!



I love to eat! I've been cooking and developing delicious and easy recipes for 25+ years- baked goods are high on my list of favorite foods.

I especially enjoy creating recipes for baked goods and treats that taste amazing while at the same time, reduce or remove gluten. Not because I can't eat it, but I actually think these recipes are delicious. All-purpose flour does not always have to be used to end up with something that looks good and tastes even better!

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Get in on this now!

Grab your copy of HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT Ebook just $15.95!



"What I love about this cookbook, aside from the recipes helping me to reduce gluten, is that they really are no big deal to make. And fun!"

- Sasha W., TN

"Heidi takes beautiful pictures, want to eat every page. Great work, can't wait to dive in."

-Marc., Washington, DC

"Well, it's a gorgeous book to start, and the recipes make sense...I'm new to gluten-free, easing my way in...I have enjoyed trying these recipes. Thanks!"

-Courtenay Prince, CA

 Sounds good, but what's an Ebook?


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"I have fallen  in love with these recipes and I hope you do too! I'm so excited for you to try them and find some new favorites.