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Overview: There is nothing like an incredible dessert or warm, comforting bread that has you leaning back in your chair and thanking the universe for your tastebuds. (Or doing the spontaneous dance number at the first delicious bite!) We've all been there. Those are moments that make life good. 


But if you can't eat gluten, or wish to lighten up on it for health reasons it can be hard to find tried-and-true baked-good recipes that don't leave something to be desired. 


Have Your Cake And Eat It is a carefully curated collection of social media foodie, Heidi Moyer's favorite reduced gluten and gluten-free 'bake' recipes. You'll find luscious Classic Cheesecake with Spiked Berry Sauce, Poppy Seed Bagels, and an Italy-inspired Lemoncello Loaf cake (and more), plus share-friendly cookies, bars, muffins, and cupcakes to make everyone happy.


What you get:

  • 13 Gluten-free recipes 

  • 12 Gluten-lite recipes

  • Full-color pictures for every recipe

  • Helpful substitutions and efficient recipe tips

  • Alternative flours: nutritional information

  • Where to source alternative flours and how to store



Have Your Cake And Eat It

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