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Heidi Moyer is a self-trained home chef who lets her food take center stage and believes cooking should be a happy, low-stress experience, relieving you from the heaviness of life. She develops her recipes with a "no frivolous frills" approach, keeping the cooking efficient and delicious and most of the time nutritious.

 "Good (real) food doesn't need a laundry list of ingredients or hours of kitchen prep time to turn out deliciously-anyone can make this food and feel great about it."

Heidi has been blogging and writing for twenty years, and cooking and creating recipes since she was eleven. Her Instagram page @thekitchette, has spawned three (viral) multi-million-plus viewed posts which have thrust her work into the spotlight, growing her social following to over 300K followers and counting. And she's here for it.

Heidi can periodically be seen and heard working as a voice over artist and actress with credits spanning decades. In her spare time, she is working on her first novel and gravel biking. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her family.

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