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Do you do collaborations or will you affiliate?

I do! I enjoy collaborating with food/beverage/home brands who have a product that I love and use regularly, that way we both know that I am a good spokesperson for it. That said, I am happy to test and try new things as well, just drop me an email!

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Do you do other writing/are you available to ghost write or contribute food articles?


Yes and yes. Email me!

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Are you willing to partner with other foodies on social media in a followers chain to boost each other's likes and comments? 

I joined a group like this once. I quit the group a week later when I realized I had to like and comment on 25 members' multiple daily posts each day. Like a chain letter from the 1980's. Exhausting and not genuine. I like and comment a lot on Insta-foodie friends' content, with honesty. Otherwise it just perpetuates fake engagement and that doesn't help anyone.

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Have you ever been in front of a camera before or done voiceover work? 

I have. I have on-stage and on-camera experience as well as voiceover for commercials and radio spots. Email for more info. :)

berry buttermilk loaf

Email me! I'll reply.

Questions: easy recipes, brand collaborations or my cookbook, just shoot me a quick message.