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Freshness factor through the roof. The absolute best thing, other than the dynamic flavor of this happy salsa, is the minimal number of ingredients. You can add more if you like; please do. It's nice to know that you can get to that place where you are dancing, punching, fist-bumping, and squealing in delight over how great something tastes with little effort and not many ingredients. Enjoy!



Ingredients: 1 pineapple, 1 small red onion, 1/2 cup chopped cilantro, juice of 1 large lime, sea salt, and pepper.

Makes about 3 cups.

1. Cut the pineapple into medium-sized chunks and place it into a large bowl. See the TIPS below for cutting a pineapple.

2. Chop the red onion into relatively small pieces, almost a mince; you'll want about 1/2 cup. Add to the bowl with the pineapple, along with 1/2 cup of chopped fresh cilantro.

3. Roll the lime to get the juice flowing, then slice it in half and squeeze it into the bowl--every last bit of juice! (For bigger lime-y flavor, zest the lime first.)

4. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper. (I start with 1/2 tsp. each.) Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to three days. (Remember that as it sits, the pineapple juice will drain a bit into the bottom of the bowl, so you may need to toss and strain a bit before serving.)


  1. To cut a pineapple, first, cut off the ends (stem and leaves). Stand it up. Slice down the pineapple, rotating it as you go, to remove the outer layer--the pines.

  2. Slice it in half, down through the core (from top to bottom), so you have two pieces, each sharing half of the pineapple's central tough core.

  3. Stand up each piece, and slice it in half, top to bottom, to make four pieces.

  4. Slice out the core of each piece, standing up from top to bottom. Now you may chop the pineapple as you wish. (If you want to reserve the core pieces, they flavor beverages nicely, such as water, tea, and cocktails, or drop them into a bottle of vodka to infuse.)

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