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Grits are an item that I sometimes forget about, until the container is uncovered in my pantry while I'm looking for something else or it launches itself onto the floor, seemingly by a ghost. I suppose it is because cream of wheat and oatmeal were the hot cereals of choice when I was growing up. It wasn't until my twenties, when a friend came over to make me food when I was sick and Eric was at work that I had my awakening through melted butter-glossed bites; grits are wonderful, nutritious (high in iron, folate and B vitamins), low-fat, and sustaining.

Like oatmeal or another hot cereal you can do what you want to grits and they'll happily comply, taking all manner of savory or sweet flavors, chunky additions of fruit or cooked veg, spices, sauces, herbs, seed and nuts. I like mine piping hot, my friend likes them just-warm. If you let them cool, they can be cut into firm little shapes like their distant cousin, polenta. Grits are cheap and versatile and I am plugging them hardcore so you will buy some and see for yourself.

This breakfast bowl is super place to start them into your quick-meal rotation.

"Use whatever yogurt you like best, I used low-fat vanilla yogurt, but unsweetened and Greek are also delicious."

Notes: Grits are instant, Quaker.


Ingredients: 1/2 cup uncooked instant grits, 2 cups water, pinch of salt, 1/2 cup diced strawberries, 1/4 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup whole pecans, 1 tsp. chia seeds, 1 tbsp. honey.

Serves 1.

1. Bring water to boil in a small saucepan with a big pinch of salt. Once boiling, turn down to medium-low and stir in grits. Plunk a lid on and cook for 5-7 minutes, until grits have absorbed the water, but still have a wave to them when you stir.

2. Spoon grits into a bowl. Add strawberries, pecans, yogurt and chia seeds. Drip a big circle of honey over everything dig in.

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