The airy plainness of Matzo crackers are their glory. I especially love using them as a vehicle for delicious layered flavors, such as this Italian version with ricotta, pesto made with walnuts, and cherry tomatoes. It is pretty enough to serve to company, yet un-fancy enough to have on your own. Very good with a crisp white wine!

"Gently warm the matzo crackers in a very low oven for a few minutes if you like."

Notes: Ricotta is Crystal Farms.


Ingredients: Matzo crackers-broken into quarters, 1/3 cup ricotta cheese sprinkled with cracked pepper, 1/3 cup walnut pesto, 1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes.

Serves 2-3

1. Lay out the ingredients onto a board and include a small knife. For each matzo, spread first the ricotta, then pesto, then the tomato slices.

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