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It's a beautiful thing to look at, yet so good for your body, and not to mention delicious! This bowl of oats is striped with fruit and seeds containing core vitamins to strengthen immunity and perk up energy stores. Check out this list: Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, phytoflavinoids, B vitamins. When you can get all of this goodness in one bowl, you have no excuse to skip breakfast! (I need to remember this!)

*Easily vegan by replacing honey with maple syrup

"To cook your oats with added protein and calcium by using almond milk instead of water, they will be creamier and less piece-y."

Notes: Freeze-dried dragon fruit and blueberries are from Trader Joe's.


Ingredients: 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, 1 cup water, pinch of salt, 2 Tbsp. freeze-dried dragon fruit, 2 Tbsp. golden raisins, 1 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds, 2 Tbsp. freeze-dried blueberries, 1 Tbsp. unsweetened angel-flaked coconut, 1 tsp. honey

Makes 1

1. Bring the water and salt to a low boil, pour in the oats. Cook for 5 minutes while stirring until water is absorbed, set aside.

2. Stripe the oats with the rest of the ingredients, drizzle over honey.


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