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Almost to pretty to eat...but you do it anyway. This breakfast for me, was too small, I should have made two and could have given the fact that the entire calorie load was something like 160. It was the freshness and color that I needed, the protein and vitamins and other good, natural stuff a bonus. I loved it.

Don't worry if you haven't poached an egg. It's a cinch. Also, if the though of runny yolk gives you the squirms, just poach a minute longer, which is what I do. That way the yolk is thicker and stays on my fork when I cut through.

You can make yourself a French luxury hotel breakfast in less than ten minutes, and this is proof.

"If you don't have or can't find pink Himalayan salt, just use coarse salt!"

Notes: Pink salt is freshly ground Himalayan pink salt.


Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 cup baby greens, 3 thick slices of tomato, 1 tsp. chopped fresh dill, 1 tsp. salt, 1/4 tsp. pink salt.

Makes 1.

1. Fill a saucepan with 4-5 inches of water and 1 tsp. salt. Bring to a low simmer - the bubbles should just be starting to come up from the bottom and making the surface of the water ripple. Turn down to medium.

2. Optional: Crack the egg into a fine mesh sieve if you have one and let the thin whites drain out, there is only a 1/4 tsp. or so of thin whites.

3. Take a spoon and swirl it in the water a few times to make a mini whirlpool. Gently slide the egg into it. Cover and cook for 4 minutes, or 5 minutes if you want the yolk less runny.

4. Meanwhile, place the tomato slices on a plate and salt to taste. Top with baby greens.

5. Remove egg with a slotted spoon, let any water drain, then gently lay on the greens. Sprinkle over pink salt and dill.

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